Our Model


1. "Ment-Mixes"


W.O.M.E.N. In America hosts “Ment-Mix” events which bring mentors, mentees and invited guests together 5 times a year over an 18-month period. The events feature a social/networking hour followed by a compelling, relevant discussion in a dynamic and entertaining format. Each Ment-Mix event takes place at a host company in which the mentors act as the speakers/panelists for the evening. These Ment-Mixes are designed to be highly interactive and to provide a platform in which mentees gain exposure to a wide group of mentors.


2. "Deep Dives"


Within two to six weeks of each Ment-Mix, mentors host in-depth follow up sessions called Deep Dives. These can range from a casual gathering for coffee to a meeting in a host boardroom. The idea is to create a more intimate setting to further the dialogue of the previous Ment-Mix and to provide an opportunity for mentors and mentees to more personally interact. We often refer to these get-togethers as our “golf game”. We have found that these informal gatherings provide the foundation to forge lasting relationships as well as friendships. The natural consequence is a support network that provides opportunities to enhance careers, share best practices and have meaningful and casual conversations about matters of common interest.


3. Assigned Councils


Upon joining W.O.M.E.N., mentees are assembled into groups of 10 which include women from every sector of business. The exposure to peers in various indus- tries has proven to benefit and strengthen the mentees leadership skills. The councils self-organize and are encouraged to meet before/after Ment-Mix events or anytime on their own as they wish. Each council also features a graduate of the W.O.M.E.N. program who acts as a resource and guide. These councils will give mentees the opportunity to develop at least 9 solid peer network relationships over the 18-month period.



Mentor/Sponsor Only Events

Mentor/sponsor only events are held on a quarterly basis and provide our mentor/sponsors with the opportunity to network with peers.


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