W.O.M.E.N. provides mentees with access to a network of high-level executive women in their field, who mentees can turn to for professional support and guidance. Access to such a network will enable mentees to further develop and advance their careers, and position these women to serve as mentors to the next generation of female leaders.

Through both small groups (clusters) and one-on-one meetings, mentors are able to provide practical and authentic advice to mentees, which will help mentees overcome professional challenges and further advance their careers.

Years 1 and 2 of the program focus primarily on developing this relationship between mentees and mentors, while year 3 the focus is more on mentees ‘paying it forward’ and helping develop future generations of professional female leaders. Mentees are required to take on ‘pay it forward’ initiatives either individually or as a group, as well as help orient the incoming mentees by serving as informal mentors. Upon graduation from the program, women are expected to continue the “pay it forward” mindset into their leadership style and daily actions.  Graduates are encouraged to stay involved in the group by serving as mentors, board members, and/ or participating in tri-cluster events in the years to come.

Ultimately, the hope is that through the support and encouragement of the mentors, coupled with skill and leadership development, these women will be empowered and equipped to advance their careers to new levels, and to shatter the ‘glass ceiling’ still found in many fields.

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