Cluster and Tri- Cluster meetings provide mentees with educational opportunities through skill building sessions led by subject matter experts. These opportunities allow mentees to develop skills that are critical to success in their respective industries.  In addition, they can forum to discuss any current challenges and issues they are facing within the workplace.

The program will provide mentees with the tactical tools and skills to succeed in professions where women have not consistently held CEO, senior executive or C-suite positions. Mentees can apply the tools and skills acquired through this program to their current positions, while leveraging their new network of senior female leaders and mentees for ongoing professional support and guidance. A key by-product of our program is job creation in the longer term. As mentees get better at what they do and have access to advice and counsel, they will be able to accelerate and expand their careers and businesses. We also believe that these highly skilled professional women will be empowered and emboldened to do what they do lead. Providing confidence, support and encouragement, coupled with refined skills can be a powerful catalyst to professional growth and development. And can provide the antidote to the glass ceiling, something we believe can be shattered, one pane at a time.

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