W.O.M.E.N. helps form lasting personal and professional relationships, through interaction in cluster and tri-cluster meetings. These meetings allow both mentees and mentors to interact with professional women from a variety of fields, and aids mentees in helping them form a professional support network that includes peers, mentors, and sponsors.

Clusters specifically give mentees the opportunity to network in their field. Through access to mentors, mentees are able to form relationships with senior-level women whom they can turn to for advice and guidance in the years to come. In addition, meeting as a cluster allows mentees to meet other women, of similar professional level, in their field. In these cluster meetings, mentees are encouraged to share professional issues or challenges they are facing and discuss them as a group, thus mentees receive advice and support from not only the mentors but also their peers in the field.

Tri-cluster events host all of the mentees and mentors from the program, both current and past classes. This facilitates valuable networking opportunities for women across a very diverse range of professionals, who are called upon for years to come..

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