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Samina Azad


  • Location: Midland, MI, United States
  • Organization: The Savant Group

Career Profile
Dr. Samina Azad is the Technical Development Manager at the Savant Group. In this role, Samina leads new product and technology development efforts focused on the automotive industry. Prior to Savant, Samina worked in an R&D role at SouthWest Nanotechnologies and as the New Product Development Senior Scientist at STERIS R&D Samina's research background is in Physical, Analytical, and Nanomaterials Chemistry. Her product development work included new sterilizers for the healthcare industry, nanomaterials composites for advanced electronics applications, analytical instruments and lubricants for the automotive industry. Samina has authored and co-authored more than twenty five technical publications in peer reviewed journals.

Samina graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2001, Following graduation, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Center for Nano Science and Technology at Rice University and at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in the Interfacial and Nanomaterials Research Group.
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